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Air Assalt
Supplies: 6 empty beer cans, boxes of rubber bands
Minimum Number of Players: 4 +
Players using only their hands must shoot rubber bands and knock a pyramid of six beer cans completely off a platform that is eight feet away. Players take turns each with 8 rubber bands.  The player to cause the cans to fall wins and everyone else must consume a full glass of beer.

Beer Baseball
Supplies: 4 shot glasses, beer, a quarter, and two teams of people
Minimum Number of Players:  6 + 

Set up the four shot glasses in a row going away from home base (the designated shooting spot for the quarter). Each player on the visiting team takes turns shooting the quarter at the shot glasses. The first glass represents a single, the second a double, the third a triple, and the last a home run. Three strikes (misses of all shot glasses) and you are out. Three outs and the other team is up to bat. Game follows as regular baseball and runs are scored in the same way (except that you have to keep track of the runners on base in your head). Drinking happens in the following manner:
Fill the shot glasses with beer.  If a player makes the quarter into a shot glass (gets a hit), he must drink the contents of the shot glasses behind the one he made. For example, if he hits a single, he must drink the remaining three shot glasses full of beer. If he hits a triple, he only has to drink one. If he gets an out, he must drink all four.  The opposite team must drink for each run the other team scores. 

Categories Drinking Game
Supplies: people, beer/alcohol
Minimum Number of Players:  5 - No limit

A game that requires a little bit of thought.  Any player can start the game, all it takes is the calling out of
a category. The next player then has to say some that fits into that category. Play ends when somebody repeats something that has already been said, or can't think of anything new. The player at fault takes a drink, then play starts again with a new category.  Sample categories: States, Cars, Brands of Beer, Sexual Positions, 
Brands of Cigarettes, Animals, Colors, etc.

Who Shit Drinking Game
Supplies: people, beer/alcohol
Minimum Number of Players:  4 - No limit

Prior to the beginning the game, everybody playing decides what type of "Shit" they are going to be. Examples: He Shit, Book Shit, Car Shit, Dumb Shit, Coffee Shit, etc. Basically anything can qualify as a type of Shit, including proper names, adjectives, and so on.  One person starts the game by saying, "Who Shit, <another player's> Shit." Then the person who was called responds by saying their own Shit followed by another player's shit. Example: You have four people playing: Dumb Shit, Captain Shit, Sexy Shit, and Mystery Shit.

Dumb Shit begins:
DS: "Who Shit, Mystery Shit"
MS: "Mystery Shit, Sexy Shit"
SS: "Sexy Shit, Mystery Shit"
MS: "Mystery Shit, Captain Shit"

This continues until either somebody fails to immediately respond when called, or somebody calls on a non-existent shit. The person who screwed up then takes a drink and starts with "Who Shit." 

Beer Pong
Supplies: beer, cups, ping pong balls, table
Minimum Number of Players:  4 +

Divide into two teams of two.  Arrange the cups of beer on either side of the table like you are setting up bowling pins. You should have at least six cups on both sides. Each team takes a turn by trying to get the ping pong ball into the other team's cups. If they succeed the other teams must drink that cup. The cup is then removed and the rest of the cups are rearranged so that they are close to each other. Each team alternates turns like this.  When all the cups on one side have been cleared the team that cleared them wins and the other teams must finish any cups remaining on the winning team's side. 

Blow Me
Supplies: playing cards, beer bottle
Minimum Number of Players:  2 +

A standard deck of playing cards is balanced on top of the neck of a glass soda bottle with the joker placed on the bottom of the deck. Player must use his mouth to blow the cards off the bottle. However, the bottom card must remain balanced on the bottle. If the player blows the entire deck and all the cards fall, they win and everyone must take a drink.  If all the cards fall the player has to chug all of his beer/cocktail.  Player must keep hands at their sides and may not touch the table, bottle or cards.  To complete the game, a lone Joker card must be atop the bottle remain in place for three consecutive seconds.

Beer Roulette
Supplies: full beer cans, 1 for each guest, empty box
Minimum Number of Players:  2 +

Take one beer can and shake it really hard - until it's about to blow up! Then put it in the box with the others and mix them around so that nobody knows which one the shaken can is.  One player picks a can, holds it to his head at an angle, and opens it. If it's not the one, he has to drink it. If it is the one, he gets it!

Supplies: beer/alcohol, playing cards
Minimum Number of Players:  No More Than 6

Sit in a circle and deal out the entire deck of cards evenly to each player. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. Starting with aces, the first player lays down the number of aces s/he has, stating the number of cards. If someone thinks that you are lying, they say "Bullshit!" If that person is right, you drink an amount proportional to the number of cards in the stack; lots of cards already played equals lots of drinks. However, if you were honest in your play and someone says "Bullshit!" that person ends up drinking the prescribed amount.  Play starts with aces, then goes on accordingly, through kings, then repeats back to aces.  If have to drink because of either being caught bullshitting or falsely accusing, in addition to drinking, you must also pick up all of the cards already played and add them to your hand.  Play continues until someone runs out of cards.

Swinging Dick
Supplies: beer cans, banana, string
Minimum Number of Players:  4 - No limit

A banana is attached to a string around the players waist, hanging 12" from the ground. 6 beer cans are placed on the ground in a semicircle 8' away from the player. Using only the banana, the player must knock down all cans in 1 minute.  Player who is able to complete wins a prize.

Supplies: people, beer/alcohol
Minimum Number of Players:  10

All players sit in a circle. One person goes first. The player makes "wiggly Viking horns," simply thumbs in, or near, ears and wiggles the remaining fingers for a second or two, then claps both palms together, and points them at any other player. This player then does the "Viking horns," but the player on each side of the "Viking" must "row the boat." This entails rowing to whatever side of the Viking the player is sitting on; right of the Viking rows right, left rows the boat left. The Viking then claps both palms together and designates another Viking. This continues until either the designated Viking misses his cue, or either rower fails to row the boat in the appropriate direction; whomever fails drinks, and then that person resumes play with "the horns."

Whoo Doo
Supplies: people,  beer/alcohol
Minimum Number of Players:  Unlimited

A fun game is to ask the bachelor which of the two he would rather hook up with. Have everyone guess.  Everyone who is wrong has to take a drink.

    Ginger or MaryAnn?
    Betty Rubble or Wilma Flinstone?
    Jan or Marsha Bradey?
    Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Anniston?
    Teri Hatcher or Eva Longoria?
    Britney Spears or Beyonce Knowles 
    Jessica Simpson or Christina Aguilera?
    Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton?
    Gisele Bundchen or Milla Jovovich

Come up with your own. 

Indian Poker
Supplies: beer/alcohol, deck of cards
Minimum Number of Players:  3+

Each player is dealt one card that they can not look at. They must place the card on their foreheads so that everyone else can see the cards. That means you can see everyone card but your own.  The dealer begins by betting that he has the highest card and stating how many drinks he wishes to bet. Players who don't think they can win fold and take as many drinks from their beer that the current bet is at. The player who ends up losing with the lowest card with the lowest card must drink the total of the bets.

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